Learn When To Request Extra Passport Pages

Passport Application

Passports are issued with twenty-four sheets that are blank. For the average person, these sheets are enough. However, for those individuals who travel out of the states often, the original sheets will not likely be enough. Refills are limited to three per the life of the document. When refills are used prior to the date of expiration, it is be necessary to request the extra passport pages.

Frequent Traveler

Although a passport is valid for ten years, if you are a frequent traveler, you stand the chance of running out of pages before your renewal date. A good rule to follow is that it is time to purchase a refill if your passbook sheets get down to four blanks. This will help you avoid any issues when traveling.

Passport Renewal

While you only need to renew a passport once in ten years, travel can be problematic if the pages in your document run out. You will need to have enough sheets for the ‘enter’ and the ‘exit’ stamp of the countries that are visited. If you do not have adequate sheets the country may not allow you to enter.

Country Requirements

You may want to contact the country you plan to visit to find out the number of sheets they require for their stamps. If you are running low on blank sheets, however, you may just find it easier to request the refill. It is much less troublesome if you are a prepared traveler.

Application Request

Adding extra sheets to a travel document requires an application to request them. Once the correct application form is complete, it is mailed with the valid travel document to the Department of State. Additional sheets are then attached to the document and returned to the individual. It is wise to find out what the fees for the refill are prior to submitting the request.

Three Refills

There are only three page refills allowed for each passport issued. Since refills are limited, individuals who travel often use them up before the document’s expiration date. Many people who travel abroad frequently will often find that they must renew the travel document earlier than the date of expiration because they have used their refills.

Specific Form

There is a specific form that will have to be completed when renewing your travel document. It is necessary to include the old passport when you mail the application and the fee for renewal. A lot of people will often ask to have the old document returned to them with the new travel document. These cancelled documents are kept by the travel as mementos of their travels.

Allocated Refills

Adding the additional expedited pass port pages or renewing the travel document depends on if you have used the allotted refills or if the travel document is soon to be expired. There are a number of countries that require a few sheets to stamp for entry and exit. Those who travel often will run out of blank sheets quickly and even those who travel outside the US may need to refill before their new passport expires. Contact the Department of State to get the right fees and forms for refills when needed.

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