What To Do If You Lose Your Passport


Losing a vital document such as a passport can be a frustrating experience as it is an essential item legally required for traveling outside of the States. Should one experience the unfortunate circumstance of losing the item as a result of carelessness or theft, an expedited lost passport can assist in receiving the travel document in a rush. Specific legal procedure is required for obtaining a replacement document.

The Procedure

The procedure for a new document is dependent on the location of the passport holder in which the travel booklet has gone missing. Should one have upcoming travel plans or find themselves in a foreign country without the legally required document, expedition services can assist in a fast replacement. It is important to begin the replacement procedure as soon as you have noticed that the document has disappeared.

Reporting Loss

The first step in following legal procedure is to contact the United States State Department in reporting the document as missing. If a document has been stolen, a police report is often required to be completed, detailing the situation in which the individual was a victim of theft. In reporting the missing item to the State Department one is taking the necessary precaution in invalidating the document so that it is not used for illegal purposes.

Required Forms

Completion of a number of documents is required in order to receive a replacement passport book. These include the DS-64 form, which requires details surrounding the circumstance for the loss of the document. In submission with DS-64 is the standard application form for a renewal.


Losing the legal travel document before a trip will require expedition services in obtaining the item, which may only take a few days. When using professional government expedition services an extra fee will be charged for fast processing of applications. Independent expeditors are largely available to gather and submit the required documentation for individuals who are unable to visit the particular agencies themselves.

Foreign Help

All American citizens have access to expedition services and should the document go missing while abroad, the nearest Embassy or consulate will have to be visited. The relevant authority will be able to assist in the necessary steps that have to be taken in applying to receive a new travel booklet. Remember to contact the Embassy as soon as possible and advise that the travel book has been lost.

Required Documentation

When on home ground, the procedure in obtaining a replacement document is similar to the application process for a new travel item. A number of forms must be completed including the form DS-64 and DS-11 submitted together with the relevant documentation. Upon submission of application be sure to possess a certified birth certificate, drivers license and passport sized photographs for proof of citizenship.
Expedition services should include placing the designated documents in a letter-sized envelope with expedite written on the front. It is best to select two-way overnight delivery including a letter of authorization if independent expedition services are used. For efficient processing of an expedited lost passport, ensure that all relevant documentation and if necessary a passport application is correctly completed.

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