How To Replace A Lost Passport

Passport Replacement

When asked of the most embarrassing, frustrating or stressful moment you will never forget in your life, you will find it unnatural overlooking the moment you lost your passport. Such moments will normally seem like someone just punched you in the stomach. If that happens, you will have to find available options to acquire another one as soon as you possibly can. It can prove even more hectic when this has taken place while out of your home country. Provided below are ways you can deal with a lost passport replacement.

Missing Passport

The most appropriate point to begin, upon coming to the realization that you are missing this crucial document, will be contacting the relevant authorities. This is imperative if done instantly. The underlying idea behind this is that it will bar someone who had intention of wrongly using the information on the document from doing so. You will have to hastily locate your country’s embassy if this unfortunate occurrence took place while in another country. While there, ensure you give sufficient details on the mishap. You can be sure you get assistance from those representatives of your nation there.


The next step will entail the processes of application. At this juncture, you will apply for it as you did the first one. The only variation it has with your first application of it will be filling DS-64 application in addition to DS-11 to detail how it was lost.

Simple Process

Interestingly, this process has been made simple and convenient. This is because you can commence your application procedure for both the DS-64 and DS-11 from the same website you were reporting it lost. Different formats of making this application online and offline do exist for you to choose from.

Supporting Documents

What will follow this application will be putting together of your original supportive documents like a birth certificate. Additionally, you will have to also gather copies of official government issued ID or driving license. After assembling them, you will then carrying them with you to the post office.


No doubt, this procedure sounds familiar as this is the same way you obtained your first passport. Nevertheless, it will be harder replacing it than acquiring one for the first time. This is because you might be subjected a series of questions to prove the sincerity of your case.


Your documents will then be checked over after which they will be confirmed by acceptance agents at the post office. These agents will then witness you signing this application after you have dully filled it. Since your photographs have to accompany this package of application, taking them there will be very convenient for you.

Conclusively, it is important that you know how to go about lost passport replacement, whether in the US or anywhere around the globe. To be borne in mind though, is the fact that the United States Department of State rendered misplaced passports null and void. Also you can go through a similar process to obtain a lost kids passport fast as well.

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