Lost Or Stolen American Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

Passports are very important documents, they allow for international travel for anyone who has a passport in their possession. Without a passport entry into a foreign country is denied and perhaps even re-entry into the country of origin. For this reason passports are highly coveted items, which is why they must be kept safe. There are times however when a lost or stolen American passport may occur. It is important that the proper procedure be followed in order to obtain a new passport and prevent a stolen passport from being used.

Stolen Passports

The United States refuses to acknowledge how many American passports are stolen each year, as it’s a matter of national security. However, there has been a rash of stolen passports from other countries such as Germany, Italy, the UK, and France. If that is any indication, then the rates of stolen American passports is just as high if not higher. An estimated three passports are stolen in Costa Rica every day, and that is just one destination.


Stolen passports are very dangerous. In the wrong hands these passports can help aid terrorist activities or even lead to unwanted individuals entering the country. This is why it is every Americans duty to properly report a passport missing or stolen.

What To Do

Whether you have misplaced your passport or you believe it to have been stolen the process is the same. You must call the proper authorities and report it as missing or stolen. However, you should be absolutely sure it is gone, once it is reported, it is red flagged and then becomes invalid. This ensures that your passport will not be used if it was stolen.


Once reported, you can go about replacing your passport. You will need to apply for a passport replacement by providing a statement of the lost or stolen passport. You will also need proof of your citizenship, such as your birth certificate. Proof of identity, a driver’s licence. Two passport photos and verification of ID, you may also need an intent to travel statement. This is especially necessary if you need the replacement expedited.

Stolen Abroad

If your passport is stolen while you’re abroad, you can still get a replacement. You must go through the proper authorities and report it as stolen. Depending on the country you may be able to go to the American embassy or consulate for help. They will be able to assist you in getting a replacement passport; in some cases you may be able to get a US passport replacement overnight.

A lost or stolen American passport isn’t a complete crisis as long as it’s handled properly. This is why it’s important to be aware of the procedure regarding lost passports. By properly reporting the stolen passport and making sure it’s invalidated right away, the first step of obtaining a replacement passport is done. Passports are highly coveted items which is why they are at risk of being stolen. So by keeping it safe at all times you will lower the chance of your passport being stolen. But at least if it is, you now know what to do.

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