What To Do About A Lost Or Stolen Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

There are important documents that may be used for travel purposes or just for identification. These documents are called passports and they are unique to the individuals to whom they belong. A lost or stolen passport is a major inconvenience, especially for the owner. In the event of such an occurrence,the matter should be reported immediately. If the misfortune or mishap occurs while overseas, the nearest Embassy or Consulate should be advised.

Report The Lost Or Stolen Passport

Reports of the mishap may be made by telephone. There are toll-free numbers available for calling and operators can be contacted for fourteen hours each day, except on Federal holidays. If contact cannot be made by telephone, there is a form that can be completed and submitted. Submission has to be done in person at a passport agency or acceptance facility.

It Will Be Invalidated

It is important to remember that passports that are no longer in the possession of the rightful owners and for which a report has been made are invalidated. This means that they cannot be used for further travel. The information supplied on the report form is normally entered into the Consular system.

Find The Correct Office

If passports are found after they have been reported missing, they should be submitted to the same office that accepts report forms. On submission, the owners may request that the passports be returned to them. In compliance, the office would cancel the documents and return them to the owners. If no such request is made, the passport would be destroyed. This is done because passports that are reported missing cannot be re-validated. They, therefore,have to be replaced.

Get It Replaced

Replacement of missing passports involves a visit to an acceptance facility or passport agency. This visit has to be done in person and two forms have to be submitted. One form is used to report the missing passports, while the other is for applying for a new one.

Do You Need A Book Or Card?

Passports may take the form of books or cards. Passport cards look like credit cards and are less expensive and more convenient than books. However,they can only be used to cross land borders or sea entry ports. Cards cannot facilitate international air travel. If the applicant already has a passport book,a card may be applied for by mail. If not, application has to be made in person. Cards are usually delivered through first class mail and not overnight delivery.

You May Need To Be There In Person

Books that are replacing missing passports must be applied for in person, although the form may be completed online. Careful note should be taken of any special requirements that may apply to the process. There are steps involved in the application process and these should be precisely followed. Evidence of citizenship must be supplied.

Passports are important documents used for travel or identification purposes. A lost or stolen passport is a terrible inconvenience to an owner. Missing passports should be reported immediately, whether locally or overseas, after which the passports become invalidated and useless. Reports may be made by telephone or on special forms. New passports are possible, but certain steps need to be followed for acquisition.  There are also expedited U.S. passport options.

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