What You Need To Have To Meet US Passport Requirements

US Passport Requirements

When you travel, you have to be prepared with the things you need. Traveling overseas means more than just going from one state to another. If you have never done this before, it is time to learn about US passport requirements.

It’s Needed

Gone are the days of just crossing borders as we travel. We are now required to have a valid passport to enter or leave a foreign country. And for that to happen, we have to meet certain requirements.

DS-11 Form

For your first time passport, you have to apply in person at an acceptance facility or a passport agency. This could be a Post Office or library designated to accept applications. The application form, the DS-11, is available online and can be filled out on your computer or by hand.

Passport Offices

One thing you need to keep in mind with your passport application form is the signature. Do not sign the form until you are at the acceptance facility. Your signature will need to be verified by the person accepting your form.

Required Documents

You will also have to have with you, proof of US citizenship. There are several documents that are acceptable. A certified birth certificate issued by your state of birth, a certificate of naturalization or a consular report of a birth abroad certificate are all acceptable forms of identification.

Other Documents

If you are unable to provide any of the above, there are other documents that will be accepted. There are also public records and delayed birth certificates that are acceptable. Along with these documents, you will need to provide a Letter of No Record. These documents are secondary evidence of birth.

Passports For Children

If you are born in a foreign country of an American parent, you will need to have your birth certificate from your country of birth, translated into English. You will also need evidence of citizenship of the American parent. Along with that, you will need your parents wedding certificate and a statement about the parents time and residence in the United States before going abroad.

Copy Of Documents

After you have all your documents in place, you will then need to make photocopies of them. Copy the front and back of all documents on standard copy paper. Do not use the back of the page when you copy the forms. Be sure to use the front only.

Types Of Passport

The fees for a passport will vary based on different criteria. The different forms of documentation you apply for include a passport book or card. You can also apply for both pieces at the same time. The fees for a person under sixteen will be less expensive. If you are in the United States when you are applying for your passport, you can also pay extra to have the passport expedited.

Passport Photos

The photo that you provide will also have to meet stringent requirements. When you have it taken, be sure to use a reputable photographer and state clearly that it is required for a passport. If you decide to take the photo yourself, be sure to read all of the guidelines to ensure it is acceptable.

For detailed US passport requirements, you can also go online and read in depth. At the same time, you can print the forms that you will need. When they have been turned in, you will receive your passport as well as all of the documents that you provided within four to six weeks.

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