Methods To Get Extra Passport Pages


The United States Passport book contains personal identity information in the front of it, then several blank pages. These pages are stamped upon entry into other countries. It is exciting for a traveler to get that first stamp on the passport. Some travelers even show their passports to others in order to boast about their exotic trips abroad. Eventually, the passport book pages are filled with stamps. If the passport is still valid, the traveler will need to order extra American passport pages in order to continue using the passport.

The Department of State has one plus going for it and a few drawbacks. The plus, when adding extra United States passport pages, is that through them there is no cost for this service. The major drawback is that this process could take up to 8 weeks to be processed and returned to the passport holder.

A majority of people that need these pages, need them right away and the time frame of eight weeks is simply too long. Normally their trips are scheduled for much sooner and once they have begun to check all the necessities for the trip, realize that they need a few of these extras. This is where the private service providers can be brought into play.

These private service providers can help to expedite the return or extra passport pages in a much shorter time frame than the standard method. They also are there to assist the applicant throughout the entire process one on one, where the government is not. Each of the providers assigns an agent to go from start to finish with an applicant rather than just giving them guidelines and letting them fend for themselves.

In order to get these pages, it is a simple matter of filling out some forms and sending them, along with the old passport, into the service provider. The only real requirement is that the passport contain between two and four pages left for use in it. If there are more than that left, the passport port holder will be unable to receive any extras until this requirement is met.

Each of the providers has a different fee schedule depending largely on the time frame the new pages are needed by. It is a good idea to browse through a few different websites in order to get the best deal on receiving the new pages. As with anything else in life, a little comparison-shopping never hurts and could save the passport holder some money in the process.

The necessary forms, which include both the government-required documents and the provider’s order form, may be downloaded directly from the provider’s Web site, printed, and completed. The traveler should have the forms on hand should a call to the provider’s customer service department be necessary. It is much easier to ask questions and it saves time when the paperwork is easily accessible.

Once the paperwork has been completed, it should be packaged with the existing American passport and mailed to the provider for processing. The package should be contained in a sturdy mailing envelope and sent via a traceable method such as UPS or FedEx. This will ensure quick and worry-free delivery to the provider. The book containing expedited passport pages will be returned within the desired time period and the traveler will be all ready to embark on the next destination abroad.

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