Moscow – Feel The Splendour Of Russia’s Capital


When one thinks of Moscow, its easy to imagine tall domes and spires jutting into the sky. As the capital of Russia, the biggest city in Europe, and the hub of everything political, economic, educational, and financial in the country, you can expect that a visit to this colorful and impressive city is far from boring. Taking a vacation to Russia does require a American passport, but if you don’t have one, don’t fret, as you can get yours online.

Department Of State

As one might imagine, the thought of getting a passport online can be worrisome. However, these websites are licensed by the US Department of State and are not only official, but very secure. Online expedited passport services can get you anything from an emergency U.S. passport renewal to a passport replacement to a passport for your children, and they can do it in the shortest amount of time as well.

Red Square

It’s easy to get nervous thinking about where to start when visiting the largest city in Europe, and if you feel this way, consider heading to the Red Square first. This will give you a nice introduction to the unique city of Moscow. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Red Square is a great summary of all of Russia, as it contains some of Russia’s most important attractions: the mausoleum where the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin lies, the incredibly beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral, compelling State History Museum and also GUM, the largest department store in Russia. This square is one of the largest in the world, and it is located smack dab in the middle of Moscow.

Heritage Site

The Kremlin, an area rather similar to the Red Square, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site full of landmarks and interesting things to see. A kremlin is a Russian citadel, and the Kremlin is the most important of them all, as it is the residence of the President of Russia. This walled and fortified compound is right on the Moskva River, and it contains four palaces, four cathedrals, many tall towers, and more, including the Armory, a museum displaying Russia’s national treasures. Inside is a breathtaking precious stones exhibit you can’t miss. Be sure to also see the monstrous cannon and bell as well.

Arbat Street

A perfect place to take a little walk, Old Arbat Street is a cobblestone street lined with out-door cafes, artists and street performers on the streets, and stores selling everything from cheap and tacky souvenirs to high-quality items with set prices. Definitely try to avoid the tacky souvenirs and aim to get something authentic.

Moscow Zoo

Having been around for 100 years, the Moscow Zoo is the biggest and oldest zoo in the whole country. With over one thousand animals in the zoo, it makes for a great place to stop and spend some time during your explorations.

Power And Grandeur

There is no shortage of reasons why people love visiting Moscow. Being surrounded by the magnificent architecture, witnessing all-encompassing power and grandeur of places like the Red Square and the Kremlin, and experiencing its deep base is history has no match. Don’t forget to get your passport online, if perhaps you find yourself with a damaged US passport. Online services make getting things like an emergency United States passport renewal a breeze.

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