How To Get An Emergency Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport
There are any number of reasons why you might need to get a passport replacement in a hurry. Your current one might have been lost or stolen. It may be out of date and suddenly something comes up and you need to go abroad. The early arrival of a baby overseas, a sudden family illness or bereavement or an urgent business matter.  All of these are valid reasons why you may need to obtain an emergency passport replacement.

Lost Passport

A lost or stolen passport must be reported immediately. If you are within the USA, the loss may be reported over the telephone to the US Department of State using a toll-free number. If abroad, you need to contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate. The telephone call should be followed up by completing and signing Form DS-64, which is available over the Internet from an Acceptance Facility or passport agency.

DS-64 Form

Form DS-64 must be completed legibly and in black ink. All questions must be answered completely and as accurately as possible. Giving false information on this or any other form is punishable by fine or imprisonment.


Your next step is to complete and sign Form DS-11, Apassportlication for a US Passport. This is available online from a passport Agency from an Acceptance Facility. This form requires you to fill in your contact details and asks some basic questions like your height, weight, hair and eye color, occupation and the name of your employer or school. The form also asks for information about your parents and any other names you have used. It asks for your travel plans,emergency contact details, whether you have been married and if you have ever been issued a previous passport book or passport card.

Passport Agency

Form DS-11 must be submitted in person to an Acceptance Facility or passport Agency and not by mail. It is important that you do not sign this form until instructed to do so by the Acceptance agent. If you need the replacement in less than two weeks for international travel, you should make an appointment to be seen at a Regional Passport Agency. You should also make an appointment if you require the passport within four weeks in order to obtain a visa to visit the foreign country.


In addition to completing Form DS-11, you will need to bring to your appointment evidence of US citizenship. This may be an old (undamaged) passport, a certified copy of your birth certificate issued by the state, county or city of birth, a consular report of a birth abroad, a Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate. A certified copy of a birth certificate will have an embossed, raised or multicolored seal and the signature of the Registrar.


Along with Form DS-11 and evidence of citizenship, you will need to bring a form of identification. This may be a previously issued, undamaged US passport,valid driver’s license, naturalization certificate, government or military ID. You will also need a photocopy of your identification, a passport photograph and to pay the relevant fee.
Obtaining an emergency passport replacement is fairly straightforward.
It is comforting to know that it is possible to achieve within a couple of days or less. As soon as you have it in your possession, make sure you take a photocopy or at least note down the number, just in case that way you don’t need to fill out a passport renewal application!
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