Obtaining An Emergency Passport


Every person who requires traveling abroad needs to have some official documents that will allow him or her to do so. For those who wish to travel outside the country in a few days or maybe their passports are lost at the last minute, they should not worry because the state has a service for emergency passport. This document can be obtained faster and can be valid for a period of a year.


Obtaining these official documents can be challenging if you do not use proper channels. Note that for you to obtain one, you need to submit an application. You traveling to the nearest agency and submitting it there can save your situation. Application for quick official traveling documents can be processed faster in a period of maybe two hours prior to the time you requested for this service.


Remember when you are applying for such services, you should note that you have to pay a fee. It depends with the country you reside in how much they charge for this service. It may be the same amount as applying for the regular traveling document. Some dealers will charge an extra fee while some will charge the same as replacing the document in case it was lost.


You should note that when requesting for this legal paper, you should submit evidence that you are a citizen of the given country. Such proof may include the birth certificate, original identity card or even a driving license. In case you are replacing a lost one, you should bring receipts or duplicates of your previous document. Note that for a successful application, you should submit all these documents.

Social Security Number

If you present your social security number to the agency, it will ensure that the process becomes speedy and efficient. The security number will prove that you are a law-abiding citizen who upholds the laws of the country. You might be asked to provide your pin number for verification that you are a taxpayer. Remember that proving these statements will ensure that you get the emergency passport.


Another main requirement is to submit two colored passport-sized photos. Make sure that you have visited a professional photographer who will be able to produce good quality photos. Note that when you have a photo that does not meet the standard requirement, it will be rejected. This will slow your process because you will have to take another one.

Travel Agency

You can also contact a traveling agent to assist you. When you need such paperwork in a hurry, you might need some help from an expert in that field. An agent can help you get the document faster because he or she is well acquainted with the situation. Note that you should be very careful when looking for the agent because some may overcharge you.

When you have the need to travel abroad immediately and you do not have an official document or maybe it was stolen, you become anxious. Note that the help of emergency passport services can be very beneficial. This service assists someone to get the required papers on time to make the trip you could also follow the steps to renew a passport.


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