Obtaining Your Passport – It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult


Obtaining An American Passport for the first time can be confusing, especially if you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry though, because we’ll be providing you with all the basic information you need to apply for a US passport. We’ll keep it as simple as possible, so read on and learn all about it.

Required Forms

Primarily, you’ll need to fill out the DS-11 form. It’s the form you need to complete when applying for a passport. Aside from first time passport applicants, you’ll also need to fill out form if you are under 16 years old, if your passport was reported stolen or lost, or when your name has changed since your last passport was issued. Another requirement for first time applicants is the personal appearance at the passport agency’s office when filing the application.

Aside from the DS-11 form, there are special requirements for getting a Passport if you are a minor. If you are under 16 years old, some of these requirements include your submission of proof of your US citizenship, as well as a proof of your relationship with your parents or guardians. Also, you would need to be accompanied by your parents if you are a minor applying for a passport.

Special Requirements

In the case of passport applicants aged 16 -17, there are also special requirements, although much fewer than those required of applicants under 16. For one, you will be required to supply a photocopy of the ID you will present when you’re applying for a passport. You will also need a copy of the parental consent, written of course by your parents. To save time, make sure you already have these requirements ready even before you go out of the house to apply for a passport.

For applicants 18 years old or older, you wouldn’t need any of these special requirements. All you need is to fill up your DS-11 form along with the other documents that are normally required of all passport applicants. Keep in mind you shouldn’t sign the completed form unless you are told to do so.

If you need a copy of the DS-11 form you can always download it from the US Department of State’s website. You can then print out the form and fill it in by hand. Alternatively, you can fill in the form online which saves you a lot of time. Once you’ve filled in the form, you will then have to submit it to the passport agency, along with the other required documents.


It may take time to process your passport application. Currently, the processing times are around four to six weeks. But what if you need to have a passport ready in less than four weeks? You have the option of choosing an expedited passport application, which allows for quicker processing times. Should you need to travel to another country in less than two weeks, you’re advised to choose this option. An expedited application is also ideal for those who need a passport in four weeks for a foreign visa application.

Now you see that Getting Your Pass Port for the first time isn’t that difficult. The waiting period is simply a American Passport fact, but it’s always worth the wait if you’re a real travel bug. Having a US passport is your first step to going out of the country and seeing the world.

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