Lost Or Stolen American Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

Passports are very important documents, they allow for international travel for anyone who has a passport in their possession. Without a passport entry into a foreign country is denied and perhaps even re-entry into the country of origin. For this reason passports are highly coveted items, which is why they must be kept safe. There are times however when a lost or stolen American passport may occur. It is important that the proper procedure be followed in order to obtain a new passport and prevent a stolen passport from being used. Stolen Passports The United States refusesContinue

Great Kid Friendly Travel – Cruises


One of the best ways to take a family vacation is an international cruise. Your kids can be exposed to new and unique cultures and lands, while also having some sense of stability on the cruise. With so many destinations and venues cruises are definitely the way to go. Be sure to apply for all the necessary passports for children that are needed and make sure your passport is still valid and start planning a cruise for your family today. Passports Passports are necessary documents that allow for international travel. In order to enter aContinue

Rarotonga – Perfect Destination For Nuptials

Te Manga, on the Island of Raratonga, Cook Islands

When it comes to getting married there is so much planning to do and so many choices to make. For some, destination weddings have their allure. Often those who are getting married for a second time or prefer a not so extravagant wedding will opt for a quiet cozy destination wedding as opposed to a local boisterous fanfare. For this reason many international resorts feature incredible wedding prices and packages. The first step in planning a desired destination wedding is making sure your passport as well as your spouse to be passport is in order and that all USContinue

Visit The Unique Icelandic Festival – Beer Day


There are many festivals throughout the world, some are very ordinary and others can be quite strange, such as the naked man festival in Japan. However, one festival that is very unique and has garnered many fans is the Beer Festival of Iceland.  So go ahead and grab your passport and make sure to add passport pages if you have less than three left and get ready for the Beer Day festival in Iceland. Passports Passports are necessary travel documents when it comes to international travel. They allow an individual to travel to a foreign country asContinue

Cancun Is Top Spot For Spring Break 2012


It’s that time of year again. Time to start planning the 2012 Spring Break getaway! You’ve been hard at work getting through your college course load, and now, it’s time for you to take a much needed vacation. But where to go, according to many of the popular student travel sites, Cancun is the number one international destination. Featuring cheap air fares and activities for everyone from book nerd to partier, Cancun is where it’s at. Although it may not seem like it’s that far away, it is an international destination which is why before you canContinue

Replacing A Damaged Passport

Damaged passport

Without passports people from our country would not be allowed to travel anywhere in the world. They are required for anyone who is traveling outside the United States for whatever reason. If you already have a passport, you must make sure it is in no way damaged or illegible. It is the same as money, no one is going to accept a bill that is torn up, and no one is going to accept a passport that is all beat up. If you have a damaged United States passport you will need to get aContinue

Requirements For Getting A Passport For A Minor


Individuals planning on taking a trip with their children need to recall that anyone departing the country under the age of sixteen is required to possess a valid child US passport. It is important to make sure all of your party has their own passport or else you could face major challenges in leaving the country when you need to. For any passport needs, citizens are encouraged to go online where they can find all the services they will need. This will ensure everyone who needs one will have their passport in time for their trip.Continue

Visiting The Rich History Of Thessaloniki

thessaloniki page

Greece is an amazing country to visit; it is a country that boasts World Heritage Sites and lush history and archaeological finds. A hot spot to visit when traveling through Greece is Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and has a history going back 2,300 years. It features an honorific title of being a co-reigning capital during the Byzantine Empire alongside Constantinople. To visit this ancient city ripe with history be sure to look into applying for a US passport if you don’t already have a passport. Passports Passports are necessary documents whenContinue

Making Ireland The Next Stamp On Your Passport


If you are searching for an exceptional vacation getaway for you or your family you should contemplate traveling to Ireland. Ireland is a lovely country with many worthwhile attractions for travelers to see. Whether you enjoy gorgeous scenery, world-class golf courses or exhilarating nightlife, Ireland has something for everyone to enjoy. If you plan on making a trip outside of the United States, consider adding pages to your passport by visiting Ireland. It will surely be an unforgettable experience. Choosing Ireland One of Ireland’s most popular travel destinations is the Blarney Castle. The historic landmarkContinue

Passport Issues When Traveling to Hong Kong


Hong Kong, a former British colony, is a major tourist destination for China’s increasingly wealthy mainland population. It also has many important global connections with other major world cities. It is a very unique place to visit and has many cultural influences. Hong Kong proudly proclaims itself to be “Asia’s World City”. You will need a valid passport for travel to Hong Kong. If your passport has been lost or stolen, you can get expedited lost United States passport services online. Landscape If you are a traveler who is unsure about crowded streets you will beContinue