Passport Card – An Excellent Option


Those who have traveled across the border several times or more by using a passport book has to replace all or parts of the book because of wear and tear. A US passport card is the perfect option for individuals who cross the border with an ongoing basis for work. The actual passport book may be conveniently replaced with a handy travel card that is easily accessible when needed.

Why A Passport Card?

The passport card was designed specifically for frequent border crossing into Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Carribbean. The card permits the holder to cross the borders many times without stamps or books that may become tattered over time and constant use. This is the perfect option for business individuals that work across one of the borders and find themselves there 3 to 4 times a week.

RF Device

A passport card consists of something known as a vicinity-read radio frequency Identification device. A computer data source connects with the chip that contains the information needed for safe border crossing. There isn’t any information that is personal about the cardholder on the chip on the card, which makes it secure.

These cards are made to read very closely by particular border personnel who are trained to decipher them. This prevents the card from being scanned by the wrong people either accidentally or purposely. The card ought to be kept in the ‘blocker sleeve’ it comes with when it’s not in use for traveling so it is not scanned when it is not supposed to be.


Just about the most appealing features is the economical advantage the card has over the standard passbook that you can get from a US passport agency. An adult pays a $100.00 charge for a first time standard passbook purchase. Comparatively, an adult card only costs $45.00 for the same 10-year life expectancy.

Any person with an existing passport will appreciate the incentives of switching to the card. A passport holder only has to pay $20.00 for a renewed passport if they want to switch to the card as opposed to having to pay for a whole new card. The cost-effectiveness and convenience are appealing factors when considering changing to the new passport method.


There’s one prohibitive factor concerned when determining whether to switch to the card from the book. The card is not valid for international travel needing the use of airlines. Of these excursions, it’ll still be necessary to use the book and have plenty of pages available to cover the entire itinerary. As this is done infrequently, the card is still the preferred method for frequent border crossing for many people.

While the book is a lot more familiar to people and recognized the world over, there is no more convenient method in existence compared to passport card. This eliminates the wear and tear the paper passport pages takes while arriving a more convenient size for carrying. It may easily be applied for by either going online and searching out a provider or visiting a local USA passport agency office.

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