Passport Name Change – Understanding The Basics

Passport Name Change

There are various reasons why an individual may want a passport name change. When an individual gets married, divorced or feels they need to use a more appropriate name, they will have to apply for a name change. Although it involves a number of formalities, it is possible to get it done.

All IDs Must Match

This is usually critical when booking flights. This is because as the current names should be the same as the ones on ones travel identification documents. The applicant must inform their insurance providers and bank about their decision to have their names changed.

The travel identification document is very important in this process. People tend to be caught up in making travel arrangements that they forget about it until the last minute. This is where the names will be altered and restructured.

People traveling to another country usually must have the names matching in all the documents. They should also be written and spelled correctly to avoid being inconvenienced. Those who have a problem should have them rectified beforehand. The application depends on the duration the applicant has stayed with the current one.

Form DS-5504

If one has not had the identification documents for more than twelve months, all they ought to do is complete and submit form DS-5504 vial mail. In case one needs the process speeded up, they will pay to get fast service but the mailing is free.

You May Need New Photos

Three months travel identification document requires the applicant to have new American passport photos taken. They will then take the current one, the photos and other government supporting documents. This includes a court order, marriage certificate and divorce papers to the office.

Form DS-82

If one has had the document for more than twelve months, the applicant will use form DS-82 for renewal. The applicant can only use this form if they had the first identification after turning 16. Moreover, the applicant should not have been past 15.

The applicant should have the document in their possession and it should not be in pieces or folded. They will be required to produce renewal forms and the document. However, when using the renewal form, there is a standard fee charged for renewal. Also produce at least 2 passport-sized photos and other supporting documents.


In addition, one will pay a regular amount of 95 dollars and an additional 65 to speed up the process. Those without government supporting documents cannot submit their application online. They will have to go through the same process as first time applicants for the changes to be applicable.

Proof Of Citizenship

Among the key requirements includes the fact that applicants are required to include some proof of citizenship, identity and date and place of birth. In addition, the applicant will have to produce a name validation document. This is to prove that the new names have been in use for at least 5 years prior to the application time.

Expedited Available

In case the applicant wants the document urgently, they are required to pay additional 65 dollars to have the application processed. Moreover, they will have to indicate on the envelope that the application is urgent.

Regular applications usually take one and a half months to be processed. This is from the day of submission. Expedited passport name change application on the other hand takes only twenty-one days. This is from the day of submission.  An expedited stolen passport recovery can also be done.

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