Need A US Passport Fast? Follow These Steps

Passports are government issued documents that are essential for travel purposes and in proving status of citizenship. Should you need to get a passport fast, a variety of expedition and online services are available to all American citizens. A number of charges are involved in application for obtaining passports in a shorter period of time.

Don’t Take A Chance

Individuals who have scheduled travel arrangements within a week or two and do not possess an official travel document are advised to make use of expedition services. The reasons for needing a new travel booklet will differ depending on the particular situation. You may simply apply for a replacement in cases where it has been stolen, lost or has expired.

Lost or Stolen Document

In cases of lost or stolen and expired documents, one has the option of an online application that is convenient and efficient. A number of important documents are required in order to complete the process over the Internet that should be scanned for submission purposes. These include copied identity documents including a certified birth certificate, driver license, passport sized photographs and letter of authorization if using expedition services.


Once the designated fees have been paid and the required documents have been uploaded onto the system, one has applied for the 24-hour U. S. Passport. The online process will also allow individuals to apply for the renewal of a document when needing to travel. A specified fee must be paid and all necessary documentation must further be submitted together with the application.

Expediting Services

The State Department Center for passports can provide expedition services able to speed up the procedure in processing your application. Independent services are also largely available to hasten the process for receiving the document in as little as 48 hours however additional fees are required for successful outcomes. If you do not have any short-term travel plans, a travel document may be replaced via online application, which is also beneficial for individuals who are unable to visit the Embassy in person.


The United States Department will assist with expedition services at an additional charge, which includes the faster processing of applications and overnight delivery. In application for obtaining the document faster, post the designated forms to the relevant authorities via two-way overnight delivery. The envelope containing the required forms should have expedite clearly written on the front and include a traceable delivery option to keep track of important documents.

Fast Service

Despite professional services costing extra it may drastically reduce the time taken to receive the important document. The general lines for application are skipped and this contributes to the faster processing of documents at additional costs. With these independent services one may obtain the document in a few days in comparison to government expedition services of a few weeks.

Faster processing is ensured when all required documents are submitted and all items on the application forms have been correctly completed. With an online application, one is able to check the status of the application. You can also receive changes to your passport fast, like a passport name change. This way you do not run into problems of you’re recently married or went back to a maiden name.

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