When A Passport Is Lost

Lost or Stolen Passport

A passport is a very important document. It is a federal document that allows an individual to travel in and out of countries. Without this document entry into a foreign country or even re-entry in a country of origin is very difficult. This is why if a lost passport is experienced, it is imperative to follow the proper procedure to get a replacement as fast as possible.


A passport must be reported missing or stolen as soon as it is discovered as such. This allows for the proper authorities to invalidate the document. If a passport is found by someone or stolen this ensures they will not be allowed to use it. Before reporting a passport lost or stolen it is important to verify that that is the case. Once a passport is reported missing it is automatically invalidated. This means that even if you were to find your passport, you would still need to replace it. This is added security to prevent the use of your passport and it will be red flagged upon use.


Once the passport is correctly reported as missing or stolen then a replacement can be issued. It is a similar application to the original passport and two photos are needed for the replacement as well. As always, all documentation must be filled out correctly to ensure proper processing of the passport.

Loss Abroad

If a passport is lost while in a foreign country it is very important to report it right away. A passport is permission allowing access into foreign countries. If you are caught in a country without the proper travel documentation you can be arrested and held until the proper documents arrive. If you report it as missing then you do not have to worry about such occurrences as a replacement will be on its way. You also will need to wait for your replacement to arrive because you attempt to travel home. There are expediting services that can allow for quick access to travel documents.


A replacement passport can be expedited in the event that you are in a foreign country. It can also arrive quickly if you need it for an upcoming trip and were not aware that you were, in fact, missing your passport. Expediting fees can be pricy, but in some cases they are necessary to meet deadlines. Private agencies have better expediting timeframes than federal agencies, but they also charge more.

Because of the nature of passports, there are strict guidelines outlining their use and maintenance. This is why if a lost passport is reported it is so important to go through the proper channels. By reporting it you are verifying that it is missing and its use should be a red flag to officials. This will also allow for a replacement passport to be underway. A lost passport is a hassle, but is not the end of the world. When applying for a replacement take care of other passport issues such as a passport renewal or passport name change.


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