When Your Passport Is Stolen

Stolen Passport

A passport is that official document that identifies you as a citizen of a particular country. It allows you to travel to foreign countries and acts as a pass for getting into a country or exiting from it. This is why it is a serious matter if you encounter a stolen passport.

At Home Loss

It is often heartbreaking to lose something you value and treasure. This document is no exception. Maybe you have been planning a vacation or a visit overseas, when you discover you do not have the most important item: your travel pass. It can be so stressful because it means that all those months of planning were wasted. Quickly apply for a new a passport to replace your lost or if you suspect, stolen one. This way you may be able to avert missed travel plans.

Abroad Loss

If you suspect your passport has been stolen while you are abroad, which is quite common, it is so important to tell the authorities right away. This prevents you from trouble if you are asked to show your travel documents. It also will put a stop on your passport, this way anyone who tries to use it will be red flagged and caught.

Stay Calm

Staying calm is key to handling the situation correctly. Search all the corners of your house and leave no stone unturned! If you still do not find it, you can report it to the authorities as missing and apply for a new one. If you are in a foreign country and your identification is stolen maybe during a night out, be sure to report it missing as soon as you discover you are no longer in possession of it, and get started on the passport expediting procedure to have the necessary travel documents as soon as possible.

Report It

You can report it missing by phone or by filling out a special form at an agency or at the government offices. You can find the contacts online to report your missing item. Should you find a passport of someone else, you can also ensure that they get it back by mailing it to any Passport Agency.

It’s Cancelled

Once you have reported your stolen credentials either by phone or in person by filling out the required documents, it is invalidated. You can no longer use it for travel. By reporting that it is missing, the authorities will assist you in trying to recover it.

The most important thing to do when this occurs is remain calm. This way it can be reported properly. It is also pertinent that all information be filled out properly in order to obtain a replacement passport in some cases you may be able to just apply for a passport renewal, so be sure to ask an agent who can better assist you. A clear head will ensure proper completion of paperwork. Be sure to always keep your passport in a safe place and hopefully a stolen passport can be avoided.

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