Get A Passport Before Your Next Vacation


A passport is a necessary form of identification for any U.S. citizen looking to travel abroad. Individuals who decide that they now need to get a passport should not worry, as it will not be very difficult, though it will be a process. A quick search online will provide all the information necessary for individuals looking to get a passport.

Passports are forms of identification mainly used for traveling abroad, but sense they are a form of identification, they can be used for other reasons, as well. This is one reason why it would not necessarily be a bad idea to get a passport, even if an individual is not planning a trip abroad anytime soon. The trip will come at some point and passports will take a few years to expire.

Start The Application

When the individual has decided that he or she would like a passport, a form will have to be completed. The form to be completed is called Form DS-11. Because this will be the individual’s first time acquiring a passport, the individual will need to complete part of the process in-person at a government facility. Check online for the closest facilities.

Citizenship Required

Before an individual appears at the government facility, he or she should organize all the documentation needed for the passport process. For instance, an individual needs to prove his or her United States Citizenship. This can be done with a birth certificate or with other forms of proof. For a complete list of the acceptable proofs of citizenship, check the government’s Web site.

Present identification is also required for those looking to get a American passport. When it comes to this, there are a number of different options. For instance, an individual may use a previously issued passport as long as it is undamaged, a valid driver’s license, or a current government or military ID. Those unable to submit any of these should look online for forms of secondary identification that are also acceptable.

Submitting Two Pictures

After proving citizenship and identity, an individual will need to have two copies of the exact same photograph. It is recommended that an individual dress for the picture as they would normally dress, as the picture should express what an individual normally looks like. There are stipulations regarding the size of the photograph, so individuals should check online to understand these.

Processing Fees

Unfortunately, an individual will need to pay some fees in order to complete the process. There are the fees for the normal process, but if an individual needs his or her passport quicker, the government offers an expedited service that can complete the process quicker. If that is still not quick enough for some individuals, there are private companies that offer the quickest possible expediting service.

Passports are fun pieces of documentation, even if an individual is not planning to go overseas anytime soon. Passport applications are normally accepted as identification for reasons other than border crossing. Therefore, everyone who has the ability to pay for the fees involved in the process should get a passport. There are also child passports available, One never knows when it will be needed.

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