Passports For Citizens Under 18


Those under 18 obtaining a passport the first time have special requirements to meet on top of the standard requirements. Additionally, children under sixteen have a very somewhat different group of specifications when talking regarding unique application specifications. In this article, we will let you know about children’s passport applications for all those 16-17 years old, and the steps one needs to take.

First off, let’s begin with the standard prerequisites. Therefore, they’re also what’s needed that adult applicants have to fulfill when applying for a passport for the first time. Ready? Read on.

Required Forms

You need to complete the Form DS-11 in case you are obtaining a passport for the first time. This can be a exact same form completed by applicants whose latest passport was issued when they were under 16, or when their last passport was issued more than 15 years ago. Take notice too that this is the kind of form you will have to submit in person, unlike other forms that you can simply send through the mail. So to save time, make sure that you have satisfied every necessity right down to the letter before submitting them.


Apart from the DS-11, the applicant must also submit a proof of his/her citizenship. There are records that can be submitted to do that. They’re the following: the birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, or certificate of naturalization. If, however, the applicant was born abroad, the particular consular report on that birth may be submitted.


You also have to determine your identity. You can do this by presenting your ID whenever you submit your documents face-to-face. Aside from that, you’ll find that you need to copy that ID that you will be presenting. And lastly, two passport photos will also be required. The US Department of State has very specific guidelines for your passport photos and the photocopy of your ID. Thus, in case you are unclear about what the exact guidelines are, then you definitely should take the time to confirm these with the passport office nearest you or the US Department of State’s website. Once you have fulfilled all those requirements, you are able to pay the applicable service fees.

Special Requirements

From there, we proceed to the special requirements. Firstly these special specifications is that the applicant should appear in person for that application. This method is necessary of those applying for a USA passport the very first time.

Parental Consent

Additionally, there is the requirement to establish parental consent. Parental consent is needed whether it wasn’t implied in the application. While the minor is required to submit an ID, he/she can present that of his/her parent. Concurrently, a photocopy of this ID can also be needed.


In general, those are the steps that you need to know for children’s passport application. These measures are simple. Nevertheless, if you are unsure about how exactly to move forward, you can always speak to your nearest passport office about it.

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