Passports For Minors – How To Get Them

Passport For Minors

When your children are finally able to travel to another country, they get an experience that is unique and deeply educational. They become a better person, possessing broader perspectives of the world and the country they were born. But before they can even step into the airport, they must possess their passports. The process of getting pass ports for minors requires early preparation and documents. Nothing more.

Personal Appearance

A personal appearance at the passport office is required for all applicants of all ages, even if applying for a replacement pasport. A parent or a guardian, when asked to appear at the passport acceptance center, must accompany all minors below 16 years old. Children 16 or 17 years old may show up unaccompanied by adults but they must be able to show other documents proving parental consent allowing them to travel. All applicants need a filled-up Application for a US Passport or Form DS 11 when applying. This form is free and can be downloaded from the Internet.

Passport Application

When you are ready to submit the passport application for your child, the document that will be asked for first is his birth certificate. The document must show the full names of the parents of the child. Other important information that must be found in the child’s birth certificate includes his full name, date of birth and place of birth. A seal of the office where the birth certificate originated must also be present.

Passport Processing

There are other documents that are required for passport processing. Some of them are proofs of identification for the parents. Such proof may include a driver’s license, original passport of the parent and other IDs issued by the government. Finally, you will be asked to pay for processing, which means that if you have reached this point, you have completed all the documentary requirements.

Wait Time

Typical passport processing takes at least four to six weeks. This is the reason everyone is encouraged to apply for a passport early. There are times when parents and their children have to travel in the soonest possible time. The family on a rush can avail an expedited passport processing which shortens waiting time to at least two to three weeks.

Certified Copy

If you have no immediate plans for traveling, it is still a good idea to get a certified copy of your kids’ birth certificate. This document is very important for their welfare and is also a required document in many situations. If you notice a mistake or something missing in the document, have them corrected at once.

Travel Abroad

When our kids set foot in a foreign land, they gain deeper understanding of the world and the situation it is in. This deeper understanding is very important in these times when the people around the world are desperate for peace. Our kids will begin to appreciate their country more for bringing them up free from war, poverty, and ignorance.

Memorable Vacations

Memorable family vacations, adventure, learning, foreign food and culture are just some of the good things awaiting kids who are able to travel abroad. Getting a passport is not difficult if you prepare early, especially if applying for a replacement American passport. Preparation means making sure you possess all the required documents. Being prepared means ensuring that all required information in the documents is correct and is not missing. Being prepared means you have applied for your child’s passport at least three months before the intended date of travelling. If you were able to do this, securing US passports for minors can actually be a pleasant experience.

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