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When applying for passports and asking about the process people often ask, ‘how quickly can I get a passport’? This answer revolves around how quickly the passport is needed. The official document can arrive in any time frame, as long as someone is not opposed to paying additional fees to have it arrive on time.


Passports are official documents that allow someone to travel in and out of countries. There are many reasons to have a passport. Some need them for business travel, others for vacation. A passport is a good thing to have, especially if an emergency occurs. This is why it’s better to apply for a passport before you need one, this way it will already be in your possession.

Available Help

There are several agencies that can assist in obtaining a passport quickly. Of course, such services do not provide such assistance free of charge. When a passport is needed, travelers can save a great deal of time and money by allowing enough time so one can request a passport through normal channels.

Reasons For Expediting

There are always circumstances in which such requests may need to be expedited.  Examples include a terminal illness or death in the family or to appear as a witness in a foreign court of law.  Individuals must have proof of such need before such emergency application can be processed.

Time Frame

While wait times can vary based on information provided, those providing the most up to date information along with a valid reason for obtaining such documentation are often serviced quickly. Those who fail to complete such forms accurately have to correct the information before the process can continue.

Importance of Accuracy

To assure the identification request goes smoothly, it is best to take time to assure that all answers are correct before submitting the request.  In doing so, you avoid rejections and assure the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Speed Up The Process

The amount of wait time for processing such information is decreased when forms are submitted with accurate, complete answers. The most important aspect is that one is honest. Only then can you be assured the passport will be issued in a timely manner.

When asking the question “How quickly can I get a passport”, the answer often depends on whether or not one files for a traditional or emergency document. While obtaining a traditional passport can often take up to six to eight weeks, with a valid excuse, emergency passports can often be obtained much quicker the same goes for children’s passports as well.


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