Rarotonga – Perfect Destination For Nuptials

Te Manga, on the Island of Raratonga, Cook Islands

When it comes to getting married there is so much planning to do and so many choices to make. For some, destination weddings have their allure. Often those who are getting married for a second time or prefer a not so extravagant wedding will opt for a quiet cozy destination wedding as opposed to a local boisterous fanfare. For this reason many international resorts feature incredible wedding prices and packages. The first step in planning a desired destination wedding is making sure your passport as well as your spouse to be passport is in order and that all US passport name change paperwork has been filed. With those steps out of the way, destination-marriage.


Passports are documents that allow an individual to travel internationally. Without such travel documents international travel is prohibited. This is why it’s so important to have a passport and make sure that all passport changes, such as a name change or passport renewal have been properly taken care of. Be sure to check the dates and then verify them with the customs office of your destination. Some may require that your passport be valid for six months after you scheduled departure. This may require more extensive paperwork.

Destination Weddings

Weddings can be rather expensive and stressful to plan. Wedding dresses, venues, food, bridal party, it’s a lot to deal with. For those that are really not interested in the childhood fantasy wedding of an eighteen layer wedding dress accompanied by a tiara, a destination wedding is the safer way to go. In today’s economy destination weddings can actually be cheaper than a local wedding, so be sure to research your options.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

One of the top international wedding destinations spots is Rarotonga, part of the French Polynesian Cook Islands. Rarotonga is a distinctly beautiful, serene, destination that boasts lushes color and color. For those seeking a destination wedding Rarotonga is a great choice. It also offers cultural affluences from the Maori people as well as many activities and nature sights to see.


It is very inexpensive to get married in Rarotonga, an onsite beach wedding with a marriage licence and all rounds out to about $1,300. That is unheard of for a beach wedding, unless you’re getting married on the sketchy beaches of the Jersey Shore. Some may think that this sort of destination wedding may be inexpensive, but plane fare would be outrageous. This is not the case; a round trip ticket can usually be found for around $800.00, two tickets and a beach wedding rings in at just under $3,000.

In today’s economy the days of flagrant weddings are slowly dwindling. Instead of big festive hoot-nanny’s couples are now opting for more low key nuptials. This is why destination weddings have their appeal.  Beautiful, inexpensive wedding, in a honeymoon destination is the perfect start to a new life. However, the first step to destination nuptials is making sure all passport paperwork is in order; this includes the necessary US passport name change that will occur during nuptials. By taking care of such paperwork, you are on your way to destination-marriage.


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