How To Get A Passport in 24 Hours


Typically, getting a passport is something that eats up quite a bit of time and then involves waiting around until the processing agency pulls your file. Normally, this will take about 2 months for someone that has to get a new passport. However, there are times when waiting that long will simply not do and a 24 hour new passport is needed.

Is It Possible?

First, it is important to discuss when it is appropriate to try to obtain a passport in 24 hours, and also, whether or not it is practically possible. While it is theoretically possible to obtain a passport in 24 hours, there are a lot of variables that make this feat exceedingly difficult. Again, this type of request should be limited to extremely dire circumstances.

Special Circumstances

The State Department will usually only issue a passport in 24 hours if an immediate family death, accident, injury or illness has occurred. In other words, just because it is Thursday and you realized that you need a passport for your trip on Saturday does not mean that a passport is going to be issued. For more details, it is best to call the hotline that the State Department has set up for emergency situations.

Available Services

It is also worthy to note that the local passport office is not the only place to turn when this happens. There are also private agencies that can help with these services as they are already tapped in for situations just like this. Keep in mind that they will have significant fees over and above what the government would charge, and they can be quite expensive if rush service is needed.

Obviously, it is much easier to obtain a passport renewal in twenty-four hours than it is to obtain a new passport. Sometimes passport renewals can be done electronically, or temporary emergency renewals may be granted via the Internet. Emergency applicants that only need a passport renewal often stand a very good chance of having their request granted in a timely fashion.

New Passport Applicants

New passport applicants face a much more challenging road than passport renewal applicants. Because everything has to be done in person, it can make the while process a bit more difficult. For those that live in small towns, they may have to travel hundreds of miles to get a USA Passport office that can provide the services that they need.

Other Recommendations

Something else to consider is that it is always best to make sure that an appointment has been made or that the applicant is the first person in line when the office opens. If they allow appointments, get one because it will guarantee the place in line. It is never good to just hope to show up and get right in. We all know how government waiting rooms can be.

It is very difficult to get a passport in 24 hours, but not impossible. Often times, success comes down to luck and circumstance. Hopefully you will never be in a situation that would warrant a 24 hour pasport, but if the unthinkable happens, the above advice should be able to point you in the right direction to get a pass port.

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