Renewing A U.S. Passport Simplified

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Renewing passports was once a task that needed an in-person visit to a passport agency. This really is no longer the situation as this renewing US passports online is now able to completed entirely at home. The knowledgeable companies that provide this particular service use the appropriate federal government agency to expedite paperwork processing. Additionally they provide consumer support through the entire passport renewal process.

The American passport renewal process accustomed to require a scheduled appointment to acquire the renewal. Even with a scheduled appointment, the applicant had been often instructed to wait at the agency upon arrival. The procedure has been streamlined since it can now be accomplished via the Internet and mail. The additional convenience and timesaving aspect of this process allow it to be more desirable to many people who need such services.

Options On The Internet

The net providers aid through the entire renewal process. They offer all relevant forms as well as instructions on their own Sites. Additionally, they examine the forms have been completed correctly which the proper document has been submitted. They can staff a person support staff to deliver answers to questions that arise. Every one of the applicant must do is complete the necessary forms, provide the existing American passport, and have American passport photos taken.


These kinds of photographs must be taken by a professional that understands the government’s requirements for American passport photos. These must be 2′ by 2′ along with certain criteria in how the pictures look in what is worn in the photo such as glasses and the face must take up the majority of the actual picture size. They’re extremely exacting with regards to these and vending machine photos are immediately rejected so it is better to have it done right the first time.

Typical Fees

You will discover fees for these solutions that will be listed on each of the provider’s websites. The service fees are sent in two separate amounts, one to the service provider and one to the issuing agency and should be included in the envelope with all the necessary paperwork. The payments should be in the form of a money order or check and never in cash, as it will not be accepted.

You should make use of a carrier such as FedEx or UPS when sending the documents and payment to the processing company. Each carriers offer a tracking service that will permit verification of safe and timely delivery. In addition they offer expedited shipping methods including overnight delivery for those facing a real time crunch.

Service Time

Along with American passport renewal and issuance services, these web based providers also assist with replacement of lost or stolen American passports and adding pages to existing American passports. Each one of these services could be asked for with rush processing for an additional fee. The fastest turnaround period for just about any of these services is 24 hours.

The job of renewing United States passports on the web or even trying to get a new can be done quickly and efficiently. United States Passport service websites are all very comprehensive in detailing all of their services and fee schedules. Each one is slightly different from the other so take the time to browse around a few of them before reaching a decision as to which one to use.

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