How To Replace A Damaged Passport

Damaged passport

Passports are the official documents used for travel purposes between countries. For this reason, those documents are usually required to be presented to border officials prior to crossing a border. Since they have to be scanned or read, passports should be treated with the utmost care to avoid damage. A damaged passport could present a problem on those occasions so it needs to be attended to.

Reporting The Damage

Depending on the extent of the damages to passports, they may not require a report to the authorities. However, because of possible rejection of the passports by airline officials, it is best to have the situation remedied. A solution to the problem could come about by replacing the document and this should be done as quickly as possible.

Keep The Damaged Document

To affect the solution, a report and an application for replacing the damaged document should be made to authorized entities. The document is required to be submitted at the time of the application. This is necessary because an official check on the document must be carried out for two reasons. The reasons for the check are to establish the identity of the owner and confirm that the damage did not result from fraudulent tampering.

Picture Removal

With the onset and increase in the incidents of identity theft, persons may attempt to remove pictures from passports. The intention in those instances is usually to replace the pictures with their own or those of others if they are working for other persons. Similar replacements could also be attempted with names and dates. Any such attempts, however, can be detected by the authorities.

Other Documents

After being thoroughly checked, the passports may or may not be returned to the owners even if they pass the inspection. Authentic birth certificates with complete information, along with papers of naturalization or older undamaged passports, must also be submitted. In addition, a valid license issued to drivers, national identification or picture identification from the military or the government is acceptable.

Photograph Replacement

Applicants also need to submit photographs for the replacement passports. The photographs should be identical as well as passport-sized and there should be two of them. There are specific places where these pictures may be obtained, including some agencies that facilitate the application process. The pictures must be of a high quality as poor quality photographs delay the replacement process.


Fees are involved in the replacement process. One fee covers the verification of the replacement application while the other is for expediting the process. Both fees must be paid at the time of the application to an authorized agent and can be done using various modes. These modes include checks as long as they are not starter checks, cash, debit cards, or money orders. Payments cannot be made using credit cards, however. A final requirement in the replacement process is an explanation of the damages, which must be done on a specified passport form.

It is best to replace a damaged passport, to avoid rejection by airline or border officials. Replacement can be facilitated by authorized agencies. There are fees and certain requirements involved.

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