How Should You Replace A Lost US Passport


If you want to replace a lost US passport, it first has to be reported so it can be cancelled. When you apply for a new one, there is a specific form that is used for this purpose called a DS-11. You can make the new application in person, online through the Department of State website or by mail but the easiest and quickest way it to have an expediting company do it for you.

Report Loss

To report a lost US passport, you can call the Department of State.You can also download a DS-64 form and mail it in or submit it personally. Once you have reported it as lost or stolen, there is no way that it can be re-validated even if you do find it again.

If In A Foreign Country

If you are abroad, you should contact your nearest consulate or embassy as soon as possible. They cannot expedite the issue of a new passport if you are overseas but they can issue you one with a limited validity if you need to return home. All passports are printed in the United States and posted overseas if that is where you apply.


If you are abroad, you can apply with an expediting company if you want to get a full passport in a hurry. Some of these companies allow you to do this through their website. If you want to apply directly to the Department of State from abroad the same forms and documents are still required but the admission process is different. Check with your consulate or embassy to see what the correct procedure would be in that country.

Replacement In The U.S.

If you are in the US, it is possible to have your application expedited. You can either mail in the application, which should be done on a DS-82 form, or you can submit it at a Post Office, passport agency or other official location. Routine applications should take 4-6 weeks and expedited applications 2-3 weeks if overnight delivery is arranged for sending and receiving.

24-Hour Replacement

If you choose to use a passport expediting company you could have your passport as soon as within 24 hours. This is dependent on first making a booking however. These companies usually have various options that range between one to two weeks and next day delivery.


However you choose to apply, there will be a number of documents that you need. You will need to supply the originals and copies. If you are applying by mail the original documents will be returned to you by mail so it is best to choose the tracking option. You should also use sturdy, weatherproof envelopes.

The documents that you require for a lost US passport or a damaged passport are the application form and a statement confirming that you have lost it. You will also need to submit proof of citizenship and some form of identification such as a birth certificate or government ID. Two photos that conform to certain requirements are also needed and in rush cases, proof of your intent to travel.


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