Replacing A Lost American Passport


Noticing your passport has been misplaced or lost is likely to be the worst thing to happen to somebody that needs to leave on a vacation quickly. Travel plans, particularly those like family emergencies as well as a business trip can’t typically be rearranged with ease. Replacing a lost passport, however, could be accomplished several different ways and by a variety of companies.

Nevertheless, a quick search will reveal that the passport can be replaced. A sigh of comfort until the realization sets in that processing via the U.S. Department of State or Post Office will take a minimum of four, and possibly up to eight, weeks. The worries begin to mount again because this is not really a feasible timeframe in cases like this.

Passport Processing

There are other options available and they might be found by doing a web search. Private service providers offer replacement U.S. passport processing within one to two business days. The forms needed is basically the same, except for one or two forms that the private company may require for indemnification purposes. These companies do impose an additional rate over what the federal government charges, but it is a tiny price to pay for having a brand new passport when necessary.

Replacement Paperwork

The actual passport replacement paperwork is very similar to the initial application for a passport. The provider and government Sites links to each of the required documents that must be completed. The sites also contain step-by-step instructions on how to complete each document. Additionally, they list acceptable forms of required identification documents. All of this info should be read carefully, as missing any details can lead to a delay in processing the application.

Necessary Documents

The applicant should provide his or her official birth certificate. The document must have already been issued by the city, county, or state of birth and must contain an official seal. It’ll expedite the process if applicants already have this document in their possession. Or else, it will need to be requested from the appropriate government office, and there is often processing time required for this service.

A license is the next piece of identification that will be needed and this must be at least 6 mths old or more. If this is not available to the person, for whatever reason, there are secondary forms of identification that may be used. These include many things, but the common thread is that one must contain a picture and one a signature, even if they are separate documents. Additionally it is possible that other forms of proof will be required such as a utility bill or even a high school diploma.

Ensure Smooth Processing

Very carefully reading through the list of essential documents and providing everything requested will enable the passport application to be successfully processed upon submission. There is nothing more frustrating than sending everything off to the processing company only to have it returned because a document was mistakenly omitted from the package.

Once all the necessary forms and identification has been gathered and copied, it will need to be sent to the provider via an overnight courier method such as FedEx. This helps to ensure speedy service in replacing a lost and getting an expedited U.S. passport. These U.S. passport services may all be found by going on the Internet and conducting a detailed search.

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