Reporting And Replacing A Lost Passport

Losing a passport or any other identification document is very stressful and at times very scary because you do not know in whose hands it will land. This becomes worse if this unfortunate occurrence is just days before you travel or when you are on a trip. It is important to have a lost passport reported to the relevant authorities so that it can be invalidated. This makes the document invalid for travel purposes or anything else hence you cannot be held responsible if somebody else uses it in a criminal activity so as to incriminate you.

Recovered Documents

Lost passports should be returned to the Department of State immediately upon recovery so that they can be destroyed. Fortunately for people whose lose this document prior to travelling, there are services that are provided to help them get replacement in a short time-within 24 hours. This is referred to as emergency passport services meant to process emergency passports.


The first step to replacing this document, especially if it is required fast, is going to the Department of State websites or to the department offices. From here, you will get information on all the relevant paperwork for a replacement. The regular processing period is 8 weeks but for expedited services it is about four weeks.


It should be noted that services are available for people who need their passports urgently and are unable to wait for the above-mentioned processing time. The best way to go about this is by contacting private service providers who offer replacement services and you are able to get your document within 1-2 business days.


The paperwork that is involved is essentially the same but with an exception of 1-2 forms that might be required by the private company for indemnification purposes. An additional fee is charged over the government charges but the small charge required is nothing compared to the service you are getting.


All the identification documents required for the replacement are clearly stated in the provider’s website. You should ensure that all the required documents are available. The application form for the passport is also on these sites and should be completed as required.

Acceptable Forms

Among the identification documents that will be required is the birth certificate, which proves that one is a US citizen. Other details that will be required are the actual age of the applicant, birthplace and the social security number. Remember that the birth certificate provided should be original and in cases where certified copies are used, they should have the entity’s official seal or else they will be rejected.

Assistance In A Foreign Land

In cases where the document gets lost during a trip, you will be required to show the plane ticket or travel itinerary. Two color photographs are also required and they should meet the required specifications failure to which they are rejected. You can ensure that you have the required size by having them taken by a professional photographer.

After all this is done, the completed application forms, additional forms, identification documents, photos and other requirements are sent to the company that is dealing with the processing. Ensure that you use a delivery service that can be tracked. Having done this, the replacement process of the lost passport or even a damaged passport will be complete and you just need to sit and wait for the document to arrive. There are also many services available that will rush your passport needs such as new pages for passport expediting. So before you get that replacement double check to see if you need new pages too.

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