Requirements For The Child Passport Application Process

Child Passport Application

Children, as well as adults, need passports. However, the child passport application process is more stringent than that for adults. The main reason for this is the attempt at combating the abduction and trafficking of children in recent times. New requirements have therefore been put in place and these are more demanding on parents. It is recommended that the process be started early and instructions be followed carefully.

What You Need To Know

Interestingly, minors feature greatly in the application process. This is because minors need to apply personally with either their parents or their guardians. Passport renewals belonging to minors can only be done on a specific form. Although those forms may be completed, it is recommended that no signing take place until requested by an authorized agent.

Parental Consent

Parents are required to give parental consent on behalf of minors applying for passports. As there are different kinds of families, different consent documents are accepted in each arrangement. For example, if the minor belongs to a family with both parents, each parent must appear with the minor and sign a particular form in the presence of the authorizing agent. If only one parent is available to appear, a notarized statement revealing consent from the absent parent must be submitted.

Single Parents

A single parent who has sole legal custody of a minor needs to appear personally and, before the authorizing agent, must also sign the same form as in the two-parent family. In addition, that single parent needs to present primary evidence of being solely authorized to apply. This evidence has to be shown alongside one of several other required documents.

Required Documents

The required documents may be a birth certificate for the minor or court orders giving sole custody or permitting travel with the minor. A sole parent adoption decree, judicial declaration or death certificate on behalf of the non-applying parent is also part of those requirements. If none of these documents is available, another special form explaining the absence of consent has to be signed.

Third Parties

Third parties are also allowed to apply on behalf of minors. Those third parties must submit either a written statement or an affidavit, both notarized, from either the parents or the guardians giving authorization. If only one parent or guardian provides the affidavit or statement, the third party needs to provide evidence that the authorizing parent has sole custody of the minor.

Parent Documents

Parents also need to prove their citizenship, as well as their relationship with the minors for whom they are applying. Citizenship can be proved with either a certified or the original copy of their own birth certificates. A valid pasport, a document reporting or certifying birth overseas as well as a certificate showing citizenship or naturalization may also be used to prove citizenship. Relationship can be proved with one of four birth certificates, an adoption decree or a specific court order, along with photo identification.

The expedited pass port application process has several requirements that need to be fulfilled. Notably, minors have to apply in person. Parents need to accompany them and show that they have authorization in the process.

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