Where To Start When Obtaining Your Passport

Getting A Passport

There are various reasons for getting your pass port. One is because you need a new one. Another reason is you need an old one replaced. A new passport requires steps to be done and copies of required documents while the additional steps mentioned are not required when all you need is a replacement. This guide is a short reading for those who are intending to get a copy of this important document.

Internet Download

The first step in getting this document or additional pass port pages, no matter what your reason, requires that you apply for one. There is a form that you have to download from the Internet. Downloading this form does not require any registration or any form of membership. Most of all, this document is freely available. Fill up all applicable fields to the best of your knowledge.

Two Applications

There are only two passport applications. One is to get your first passport and the other is to replace one that is about to expire or has expired but not for more than five years. If your passport is lost or damaged, you also have to apply for a new one. A lost document requires an additional form that is also freely downloadable where you provide information on the circumstances that lead to its loss.  You can also get these applications as expedited passport applications.

Certified Copy

All applicants who need a new set of papers, including those who have lost or damaged their copy, will need a certified copy of their birth certificate before they can make a personal appearance at the nearest acceptance center. New rules regarding the validity of birth certificates required that the names of both parents be present. Other important information that cannot be absent in the certificate is the applicant’s full name and the date and place of birth. Certified copies will have the seal of the office where this copy came from. Make sure this seal is present or it won’t be accepted.

Completed Requirements

Those who have already completed the requirements should mail their documents if they are qualified for a replacement. Included in the envelope should be the old passport and the application form for replacement. Make the envelope big enough so all the papers will fit without folding them. Address this envelope to the National Passport Application Center. Those who are new applicants should bring their papers and make a personal appearance to any acceptance center.

Mailed Passport

The mailed passports that are qualified for replacement will be cancelled and returned to their owners. While not valid for travel, the old passports are still important documents. They can serve as proof of U. S. Citizenship.

Normal Processing

The normal processing of applying for passports takes four to six weeks. You get faster processing times if you pay for an Expedited Passport Application. This will make your waiting time shorter to not more than three weeks.

Short Guide

This short guide will end with advice that the best time for getting your American passport is when there are no travel plans. When you apply before the document is needed, you will not be waiting impatiently. Because anyone is free to apply for a United States passport at anytime, no time is better than right now, even when applying for additional pass port pages.

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