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Where To Start When Obtaining Your Passport

Getting A Passport

There are various reasons for getting your pass port. One is because you need a new one. Another reason is you need an old one replaced. A new passport requires steps to be done and copies of required documents while the additional steps mentioned are not required when all you need is a replacement. This guide is a short reading for those who are intending to get a copy of this important document. Internet Download The first step in getting this document or additional pass port pages, no matter what your reason, requires that youContinue

Learn When To Request Extra Passport Pages

Passport Application

Passports are issued with twenty-four sheets that are blank. For the average person, these sheets are enough. However, for those individuals who travel out of the states often, the original sheets will not likely be enough. Refills are limited to three per the life of the document. When refills are used prior to the date of expiration, it is be necessary to request the extra passport pages. Frequent Traveler Although a passport is valid for ten years, if you are a frequent traveler, you stand the chance of running out of pages before your renewalContinue

Methods To Get Extra Passport Pages


The United States Passport book contains personal identity information in the front of it, then several blank pages. These pages are stamped upon entry into other countries. It is exciting for a traveler to get that first stamp on the passport. Some travelers even show their passports to others in order to boast about their exotic trips abroad. Eventually, the passport book pages are filled with stamps. If the passport is still valid, the traveler will need to order extra American passport pages in order to continue using the passport. The Department of State hasContinue