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Visiting The Rich History Of Thessaloniki

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Greece is an amazing country to visit; it is a country that boasts World Heritage Sites and lush history and archaeological finds. A hot spot to visit when traveling through Greece is Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and has a history going back 2,300 years. It features an honorific title of being a co-reigning capital during the Byzantine Empire alongside Constantinople. To visit this ancient city ripe with history be sure to look into applying for a US passport if you don’t already have a passport. Passports Passports are necessary documents whenContinue

Items Expected When Obtaining A Passport

Passport Application

The amount of documentation that is required to obtain a passport can be overwhelming for a first time applicant. The first time a passport is applied for, the applicant must apply in person at an approved application facility. Even though it looks like a lot of items are needed when applying for new passport, there are only six basic items required. DS-11 Form The application form required is a DS-11 form. It is recommend filling out the form ahead of time to save time, especially when using expedited US passport services. However, do not signContinue