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Traveling To Brazil To See The Flooded Desert


Brazil is home to many different attractions for world travelers to enjoy. If you are going to be taking an international trip to Brazil, and want to find something interesting to do, consider checking out the flooded desert of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. This strange attraction features the odd, natural phenomenon of a desert range that experiences flooding at different times during the year. It is definitely a remarkable, natural site to take in and certainly worth a visit. Brazil is a fantastic destination and offers travelers many unique and exciting experiences.Make sure you have your US passport andContinue

Passports For Citizens Under 18


Those under 18 obtaining a passport the first time have special requirements to meet on top of the standard requirements. Additionally, children under sixteen have a very somewhat different group of specifications when talking regarding unique application specifications. In this article, we will let you know about children’s passport applications for all those 16-17 years old, and the steps one needs to take. First off, let’s begin with the standard prerequisites. Therefore, they’re also what’s needed that adult applicants have to fulfill when applying for a passport for the first time. Ready? Read on. RequiredContinue

Requirements For The Child Passport Application Process

Child Passport Application

Children, as well as adults, need passports. However, the child passport application process is more stringent than that for adults. The main reason for this is the attempt at combating the abduction and trafficking of children in recent times. New requirements have therefore been put in place and these are more demanding on parents. It is recommended that the process be started early and instructions be followed carefully. What You Need To Know Interestingly, minors feature greatly in the application process. This is because minors need to apply personally with either their parents or theirContinue