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Replacing A Damaged Passport

Damaged passport

Without passports people from our country would not be allowed to travel anywhere in the world. They are required for anyone who is traveling outside the United States for whatever reason. If you already have a passport, you must make sure it is in no way damaged or illegible. It is the same as money, no one is going to accept a bill that is torn up, and no one is going to accept a passport that is all beat up. If you have a damaged United States passport you will need to get aContinue

How To Replace A Damaged Passport

Damaged passport

Passports are the official documents used for travel purposes between countries. For this reason, those documents are usually required to be presented to border officials prior to crossing a border. Since they have to be scanned or read, passports should be treated with the utmost care to avoid damage. A damaged passport could present a problem on those occasions so it needs to be attended to. Reporting The Damage Depending on the extent of the damages to passports, they may not require a report to the authorities. However, because of possible rejection of the passportsContinue

A Damaged Passport Can Hurt Your Travel Plans


If you are planning an international trip and your passport’s condition is questionable, you may want to have it replaced. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign country unable to prove your American citizenship, and this may very well happen with a damaged passport. You should take precautions in order to prevent any unnecessary mishaps while traveling internationally. Department Of State In order to have your U.S. passport replacement, you have to fill out a DS-11 form. You can get this form from the Department of State online. You can actually fillContinue