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How To Get An Infant US Passport


Almost any parent or guardian that is going on a major international trip and that plans on taking their child should get familiar with infant us passport laws immediately. If you find that just because the little one is a newborn or a minor that they can freely pass between borders, you are sadly mistaken. The procedure is nearly identical to what an adult needs to do, with provisions in place because of the age of the young international traveler. For any parent to raise their arms and question the fact that they have toContinue

Taking Your Baby Abroad Requires An Infant Passport

Infant Passport

All United States citizens require a legal passport to travel internationally. Children, from newborn to age 16, must apply for a minor or infant passport in person, accompanied by both parents. Submission of the application mandates completion of applicable forms in addition to all stipulated documentation prior to arrival at designated acceptance facilities. Form DS-11 Form DS-11 is the application submittal applicable to all minors. This form requires identification information and future travel plans. The U. S. Department of State website allows parents to fill out Form DS-11 electronically and print a copy for submissionContinue