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Lost Or Stolen American Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

Passports are very important documents, they allow for international travel for anyone who has a passport in their possession. Without a passport entry into a foreign country is denied and perhaps even re-entry into the country of origin. For this reason passports are highly coveted items, which is why they must be kept safe. There are times however when a lost or stolen American passport may occur. It is important that the proper procedure be followed in order to obtain a new passport and prevent a stolen passport from being used. Stolen Passports The United States refusesContinue

What To Do About A Lost Or Stolen Passport

Lost or Stolen Passport

There are important documents that may be used for travel purposes or just for identification. These documents are called passports and they are unique to the individuals to whom they belong. A lost or stolen passport is a major inconvenience, especially for the owner. In the event of such an occurrence,the matter should be reported immediately. If the misfortune or mishap occurs while overseas, the nearest Embassy or Consulate should be advised. Report The Lost Or Stolen Passport Reports of the mishap may be made by telephone. There are toll-free numbers available for calling andContinue