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Expediting Service For Passports

Many travelers think they have remembered every detail for their international trip. Then they realize that they have forgotten to obtain or renew their most important document, their passport. Fortunately, passport expediting options are available so that travelers can have their documents in time for international travel. Travelers can choose to expedite on their own or to work with an expediting agency. Time Applicants Applicants obtaining documentation for the first time have to apply in-person. Applicants should fill out Form DS-11 but should wait to sign the form until directed to do so by theContinue

What You Should Know About Adding Pages To Your Passport

Passport Pages

Adding pages to your passport is more common than most individuals think. This is especially true if one finds that they have compromised the integrity of the paperwork. A damaged document is good enough reason to try and salvage what you can until it can be replaced and will often times, permit you to travel while you wait on replacement paperwork. In order to properly address the process, you will need to do a complete assessment of what is needed. Live Your Dream In order to truly live an enriched life, one has to beContinue