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Renew Your U.S. Passport – For US Citizens


A passport gives you the right to travel and show you are a citizen. It can be easy to obtain, but you will need to allow several weeks before you need to have it. The pasport renewal should be done when you have a name change, it has been lost or stolen or if it is expiring. Travel Plans You need to be aware of the time involved in getting one, especially if you are planning on traveling soon. Many countries require the passport replacement to be issued at least 6 months from the timeContinue

The Internet Has Made Passport Renewal Much Simpler

passport renewal

With Internet access, US passport renewal is only a few mouse clicks away. The websites available that offer this service have made it simple and easy to renew your passport and get ready for that upcoming business trip or vacation. These providers will make sure that everything is taken care of once the proper forms have been submitted and ship either the new passport or passport card directly to you. There are some criteria that must be met before attempting a passport renewal via the mail. The passport in question must be undamaged and availableContinue