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What You Need To Have To Meet US Passport Requirements

US Passport Requirements

When you travel, you have to be prepared with the things you need. Traveling overseas means more than just going from one state to another. If you have never done this before, it is time to learn about US passport requirements. It’s Needed Gone are the days of just crossing borders as we travel. We are now required to have a valid passport to enter or leave a foreign country. And for that to happen, we have to meet certain requirements. DS-11 Form For your first time passport, you have to apply in person atContinue

Requirements For Getting A New Passport


Getting a first passport is a rite of a passage, one that used to be experienced primarily by the well-to-do. Prior to the horrific events of 9-11, the United States and many other countries had fairly lenient travel document requirements with other recognized friendly countries. While documenting one’s identity and applying for a passport is more detailed and now required for almost all travel abroad, the process is actually pretty straightforward. Let us take a look at what is necessary to meet new passport requirements. A Personal Appearance Any first time applicant will have toContinue