It Is Time To Get Expedite Passport Services

Expedite Passport

Going on vacation is something that is much needed for anyone. Everyone deserves a rest every once in a while. Some individuals choose to travel outside of the U. S. for this very reason. Just being able to go somewhere different where nobody knows your way can be an adventure all in itself. However,some trips aren’t planned in advance due to unexpected emergencies that may arise. Therefore, it is very important for individuals to learn when it’s expedite passport time.

Time Required

Normally when applying, it can take up to 10 weeks. However, if one expects to receive it within four weeks, it is considered as putting a rush on it. One good thing to know is that a person doesn’t have to worry about paying a service to expedite their U.S. passport if an individual needs it in two weeks or less. It doesn’t make sense for people to pay for what they can do themselves unless it is import for them to avoid all the stress associated with the process.

By Mail Or In Person?

Typically there are two ways to expedite the process. One is by mail and the other is by applying in person. However, the first step is to fill out an application. This can usually be obtained through a U. S. Post office or downloaded from the Internet. An individual should carefully follow all the instructions on the document. Make sure to have the appropriate forms of documentation such as a birth certificate and current valid driver’s license.

Be Prepared

If individuals are not planning to leave the country within the next two weeks, they can start the process of preparing the application materials. It is also a good idea to learn what to do if a U. S. birth certificate is not available. Don’t forget about taking two photos in which you wear your everyday clothes. These pictures can be taken at the passport office or elsewhere.


Secondly, individuals should calculate the costs involved and add $60.00 to that for the “rush fee”. Usually the cost is $110 plus an additional $25 if a person is over 18. The fee for those under 16 is $80 plus a $25 fee. It’s also a good idea to contact the passport office to learn what methods of payments are acceptable. One would hate to have to be sent home because they decided to write a check.

If Printing Application

Please remember that if a person decides to print the application, the government requires that all forms be printed on white paper with black ink. The paper must not have any holes and be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. It has to be at least 20-weight paper and must have a matte surface. Any type of shiny or thermal paper is not accepted.

Sending The Form

The next step is to place everything in a manila envelope such as the payment method and application materials. Write the appropriate address on the envelope and put the words “Expedited” on the front of the envelope and mail it. Depending upon an individual’s schedule, using an overnight delivery service may be an option. If an individual is leaving within two weeks, he or she can apply for a passport at a regional passport office. Individuals can usually call the office and set an appointment.

In conclusion, individuals can be hopeful that, when expedite new US passport time comes along, it’s not impossible but easier than one may think. It just takes following the above mentioned steps in order to be pointed in the right direction. Pretty soon, that long awaited vacation will be enjoyed.

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