Tips On Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change

Often, there are various reasons for which someone might need to undergo the process of legal forename or surname modification of their own or for someone else. The most common reason seen is at the time of marriage. It is very common that women undergo surname alteration after their marriage but there can be some other circumstances for which someone might need to undergo forename or surname modification. Further, people who opt for passport name change experience that it is an easy legal process and anyone can do it easily if they have valid reason for it along with the required documents to support the reason.

Original Legal Documents

Whatever may be the grounds and in whichever way a forename or surname alteration is to be done, there are a few important factors that must be taken into consideration when you go for the legal process of forename or surname alteration for the ID. The first thing an individual should do is to show the original legal document, which can prove the reason for the information alteration in the ID. Apart from this, the individual should also submit their original or certified marriage certificate or legal court document that can prove the required reason.

To be on the safer side, many people do not like to take risk with their original documents as they might lose it. Hence, the best thing could be to send the certified photocopy for the original documents to the court for proving the reason for forename or surname alteration.

DS5504 Form

A forename or surname alteration in the ID also requires the applicant to send the DS5504 form to the Department of State. DS 5504 is the application form that needs to be filled out by the applicant who has the valid Passport but wants the editing of information. This form is easily available and can be downloaded online. Individuals must fill out this form before mailing the complete application for editing information on their Passport. There are different forms for expedited U S passport name change services.

Personal Photo

This is similar to starting the Passport application all over again and hence, individuals also must submit their photos along with their application. It is also recommended to take the help of a professional service provider for help and for fast processing of the application.

Mailing Process

Give importance to the mailing process and choose the best mailing service company for sending the application. It normally takes a day or two to reach the Department of State but still it would be good to trace the location of application from the service company website.


There is a very nominal fee for the whole process of surname or forename alteration that is charged by the Department of State. The whole process can even take up to the time of week. There is also an emergency service in which individuals can pay an additional fee for the fast process of an application.

The pasport name change process is quite easy and you only need to follow the simple instructions derived by the Department of State. For the complete processing for an application, you can rely on the private service provider in case you need the processing to be fast. You should search for the best company for this job. Most companies can handle expedited lost passport recovery services as well.

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