Tips On Replacing A Lost Passport Quickly

lost passport

When a passport is lost, the passport holder’s first thought is where it was last seen. The desk and suitcases are quickly searched but nothing can be found. If travel is planned in the near future, time becomes of the essence and this adds to the traveler’s stress. If the lost passport is not located, it must be replaced quickly while in the midst of finalizing the travel plans.

A lost passport can be replaced via the normal method of going to the Post Office and going through their procedures. The only issue with that is that their normal time frame for replacement is about 8 weeks for the standard service and 4 weeks for the expedited one. This does not bode well for the traveler that needs to leave immediately or even sooner.

Further searching on the Web will reveal that there are private companies that provide passport replacement services. These companies will process a passport application and return a new passport within 24 to 48 hours. They charge an additional fee in excess of what the government charges. However, in the situation of a vacation just days away, this fee is well worth paying. The new passport will be in hand the next day, and the panic of the day before is soon forgotten.

The provider Web sites contain detailed instructions regarding all additional identifying documentation that must be provided. The applicant should print out these instructions and use them as a checklist in order to gather and photocopy the necessary documents. The passport application, which may also be found on the provider sites, should then be completed.

The applicant will need to provide his or her official birth certificate. The document must have been issued by the city, county, or state of birth and must contain an official seal. It will expedite the process if applicants already have this document in their possession. Otherwise, it will need to be requested from the appropriate government office, and there is often processing time required for this service.

A copy of a driver’s license that was issued at least six months prior must also be provided. Alternatively, there are other forms of identifying documents that may be provided. The criterion for these pieces of identification is that they contain the individual’s signature and photograph. Two documents may be supplied to meet this requirement. There are also additional documents that must be supplied in order to obtain a new passport, so it is important to carefully review the instructions listed on the provider’s Web site in order to get all of the details.

Other items will need to be provided in order to complete the process. These will include things like proof of departure, such as a plane ticket, printed travel itinerary, or a letter from an employer showing the need for immediate travel. There will also be a need to have new photos taken and these will need to meet the guidelines for passport pictures being 2′ by 2′ in size along with being identical.

Once all the necessary forms and identification has been gathered and copied, it will need to be sent to the provider via an overnight courier method such as FedEx. This will help to ensure speedy service in replacing a lost USA passport quickly. These expedited passport application services may all be found by going on the Internet and conducting a detailed search.

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