Travel Guide – How To Obtain A Passport


Although at one time whenever a passport wasn’t needed to go to certain travel destinations which is no more correct. No matter where a traveller is headed, they are going to take some form of passport document. The entire process of getting a passport can be difficult for some people, but focusing on how to get a passport and not walking into the office blindly is half the battle.

First thing everyone should do before applying for any passport is go to the U.S. Department of State web page to review any new passport laws and regulations or regulations and also to check the current estimated passport processing time. The U.S. Department of State is the government agency that oversees international travel in addition to U.S. diplomatic relations with foreign countries. The State Department web site is the best resource for passport information.

Passport Office

Before proceeding to the passport office, it is important to get photos taken for that passport. Images are not part of the processing and they are the responsibility of you. These photos has to be set to some specific size which is better to use a photo shop that offers this specific service. Some passport offices will even provide this particular service to applicants.

Before going towards the applicant center, each potential applicant will need to present a valid form of identification as well as a valid certificate of naturalization. Valid ID cards are normally a driver’s license, a military ID, or a government ID. Naturalization certificates can be a U.S. birth certificate or a notarized certificate of naturalization. Applicants must also bring photocopies of each form of identification.

Locating A Passport Office

In lots of areas, the post office is the passport office of choice. However, not all post office locations can process passports. In addition to that, not all of them have the ability to provide the passport photo service. The easiest way to check is to go to and see if a post office nearby can handle the passport processing.

First Time Applicants

Very first time applicants fill out the application at the center. At present, the Department of State estimates a four to six week processing period for brand new passport application form. This isn’t a static number also it ends to fluctuate wildly. Normally, passport applications go up a few months before high vacation seasons. The busiest times during the year for overseas travel are typically summer and the winter holiday season.

Rush Services

If that time period is not acceptable, there are other services that can be used from the State Department or private agencies that will get the passport there quicker. In dire emergencies, there is also a 24 hour passport service that is available, but it is quite expensive. If a private agency is used, their fees get piled on top of the fees that the government charges.

Still Have Questions?

Plainly, acquiring a passport for international travel can be time consuming, although not a hard process. Any person with a lot more questions concerning how to get a pass port should consult the State Department website. Filling out a new passport application form is a small price to pay for the experience of international travel. What are you waiting for? Get a passport and get out in the world.

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