Traveling To Brazil To See The Flooded Desert


Brazil is home to many different attractions for world travelers to enjoy. If you are going to be taking an international trip to Brazil, and want to find something interesting to do, consider checking out the flooded desert of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. This strange attraction features the odd, natural phenomenon of a desert range that experiences flooding at different times during the year. It is definitely a remarkable, natural site to take in and certainly worth a visit. Brazil is a fantastic destination and offers travelers many unique and exciting experiences.Make sure you have your US passport and fill out a child passport application. Kids passports are now required for all minors who are traveling overseas.

Child Passports

All minors, including newborns, are required to have a passport for international travel. The evidence you can show to get a passport can vary, but a valid birth certificate is the most common for children. You must present the original copy of the birth certificate, however, because it has unique markings on it to show its validity that a copy would not have.

National Parks

The national park was formed in 1981; however there are still a fair number of inhabitants that work as fishermen during the water months and then move to the city to take care of land in the dry months. The Park features large, sweeping, white sand dunes, and has often been described as an archetypal desert. Because this park lies outside of the Amazon River basin it is often subjected to a large amount of rain during the rain season. This causes a phenomenon of fresh water that collects in the nooks and valleys located between the sand dunes, thus creating a spotted desert with blue and green lagoons that reach their peak between the months of July and September. Despite not being filled with water the area is comprised of a wide variety of fish.

When To Go

The best time of year to go is between July and September. This is when the water levels are low but not low enough so that the mimic desert is completely dried out. There is a bit of wildlife and fauna to be seen, but for the most part the site is exactly that a flooded desert. Most tourists stay in nearby towns and take a daytrip and then focus the rest of their vacation time on nearby cities and attractions. For those interested in geologic and natural phenomenon this is an awe inspiring site to see. There are tours offered to the national park by different tour agencies.

Make sure your US passport is ready and don’t forget to fill out a child passport application for the kids so they can go along too. Brazil offers great family trips that will be remembered for a lifetime. The Lencois Maranhenses National park offers a glimpse of the basin at the end of the Amazon River. The desert like topography of this site mixed with a lagoon makes for a very interesting attraction. When in Brazil it’s an interesting site to see and to experience.


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