Traveling Internationally With Your Child – Learn How To Get A Minor’s Passport


When it comes to passport applications, adults and minors (children below 18 years old) need to submit the same basic requirements. In the case of minors, however, there are special requirements they will also need to fulfill. These special requirements mostly deal with establishing the minors’ relationship with their parents or guardians. Let us tell you more about everything you need to know about completing a children passport application.

Basic Requirements

Let’s begin with the most basic requirements starting with Form DS-11. This is the form that is completed by anyone who is applying for a new passport for the first time. So if the minor applying for a passport never had a passport before, this is the form they need to fill out. Just make sure the form remains unsigned until instructed to do so at the passport office.

Establish Citizenship

Another requirement for expedited United States passport applicants is the establishment of their citizenship. Passport applicants need to provide documents that will prove this. If you are applying for a US passport, you can use any of the following documents: your birth certificate, your certificate of citizenship, your naturalization certificate, or if you were born abroad, a consular report about it. The document you submit will be returned to you by mail, along with your US passport. It may be mailed separately as well.

Passport Photo

Two color passport photos should also be submitted along with the DS-11 and the document that establishes your citizenship. Be careful, though, when submitting a passport photo, as the US Department of State has specific requirements for this. Check out what these requirements are before having your photo taken.

Special Requirements

From those basic requirements, we move on to the special requirements for minors. Along with the documents previously mentioned, minors should also submit a written parental consent. If you are a parent or a guardian of an applicant, you must first know under which category you fall under. You should know that there are different procedures undertaken by parents/guardians of different statuses (e.g. single parent, both parents, guardian, etc.), so check with the passport office first for the guidelines.


Another requirement is the proof of relationship between the parent/guardian and the applicant. In addition to those already mentioned, the parent or guardian should also submit a photocopy of their ID. This should be the same ID that they will present when submitting the passport application requirements in person.

Submit Documents

If you are the parent or a guardian of a child passport applicant, make sure that you are aware of the guidelines, and know the requirements needed to apply for one. Doing this will help you save a lot of time. This is especially important if you are going to submit the documents in person. You’ll save time as you’ll do everything right the first time. If, however, you are unsure about the requirements, give the passport office a call to confirm or inquire.

Children’s Passport

When it comes to dealing with minor passports, what’s important is that you know what the particular requirements are. Armed with this knowledge, applying for a passport will be a breeze. Starting with the basic steps, you’ll then be able to know what to do next.

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