Traveling To Toyama Bay To See The Firefly Squid

firefly squid

If you are trying to decide on a family vacation destination, why not consider Toyama, Japan? It is one of the most interesting cities in Japan and will be sure to create many wonderful memories for you and your family. Before you begin planning your vacation to Japan, however, you will need to make sure all of your kids have valid kids passport. Unlike in the past, when children were allowed to travel internationally without a passport, they now need their own individual United States passport to be eligible for overseas travel. If you need to apply for a US passport online, go on the internet and find a passport agency.

Passport Requirements

Anyone who wishes to do any traveling overseas must first obtain a valid United States passport. Without a passport, an individual will not be allowed to leave the country. Also, if a person is already abroad and loses their passport, they will not be able to reenter America until they get a replacement passport. Years ago, children were permitted to travel overseas without having to have their own United States passport as long as they were with their parents. Of course, the parents did need to have their own valid United States passport. However, currently all people, regardless of age, who are traveling abroad must have a passport.

Firefly Exhibit

The firefly exhibit squid shows off their bioluminescence as each of its tentacles features a photophore that produces light. When this light is flashed it attracts small fish. This is how the squid attracts prey and then eats it. The Firefly squid only reaches lengths of about 3inches and its’ lifespan is only about a year.

Squid Facts

Light is emitted from thousands of firefly squid and it flashes in a variety of animated patterns. The nearby museum hotaruika is a must see as well. It is the only museum in the world devoted to the firefly squid. There visitors can have an interactive experience with the squid and enjoy live theatre. Of course Toyama has much more to offer than just the spectacular bioluminescence show. However if visiting Toyama during spawning, it is a must see event. Tours are offered that begin around 3am. The fishing boats depart from the port and the fishermen then haul in their nets and a light show begins.

Traveling internationally with kids can be a very rewarding experience. It is important to remember, however, that all your kids will need their own individual kids passport to be allowed to travel abroad. If you need a to apply for a US passport online for your kids you can go online and find a reputable passport agency. They will be able to assist you with all of your passport needs. Once everyone in your family has their passports in hand, you will be ready to plan your exciting family vacation to Toyama, Japan.


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