The Unique Adventures Of Palau

jellyfish lake

When looking for new and unique places to visit you may want to check out Palau. One of the world’s newest countries, not to mention smallest, it is rich in nature and culture. Go ahead and grab your passport or if needed get an expedited passport to make your trip to Palau happen.


Passports allow you to travel internationally; they act as travel documents that allow permission into a foreign country as well as allowing for re-entry back into the country of origin. Without this document travel is impossible.  There are many services associated with passports, like getting a rushed expedited passport and it’s important to stay up to date with them like a passport name change or passport renewals.


Palau established independence in 1993 after a long period of ratifying amendments. They are The Republic of Palau now.  Palau is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Once part of the United Nations Trusteeship, it declined addition into the Federation States of Micronesia and opted for independence instead.

Diving In Palau

Palau boasts many amazing nature sites and has some of the best diving opportunities in the world. Palau is known as one of the underwater wonders of the world. Palau offers a variety of diving tours and charters sure to suit any diver’s interests.

Jellyfish Lake

In addition to diving and spectacular underwater sites, Palau is also known for the Jellyfish Lake. The lake is found on the Eil Malk Island in Palau which is part of the Rock Islands. Jellyfish Lake is most notable because of the infamous snorkeling site. It is known for the millions of golden jellyfish migrating horizontally across the lake daily. The lake is connected to the ocean through fissures and openings within the limestone of the ancient Miocene reef. It is so isolated that the marine life differs significantly from nearby lagoons. He Jellyfish do not sting in this lake which is why it’s a popular snorkeling site.

Water Activities

Other activities in Palau consist of dolphin encounters, swimming up close and personal with the intelligent mammals. There are also kayaks that can be rented. There is so much to do and see on the island of Palau, from Jellyfish Lake to kayaking with the dolphins, it is a great experience.

History and Culture

Palau although a young country is rich in history and culture, the island has been inhabited for about 4,500years. There are many museums in Palau that showcase the culture and history of Palau. These museums include; The Belau National Museum, the Etpison Museum which is the islands only private museum. It features Palauan and Micronesian artifacts, history, and nature. There is also the Peleliu WWII Memorial Museum which is a memorial museum for the battle of Peleliu. There are also many historical tours offered by local tour and diving companies that give a better understanding of the history of the island.

So, when it comes to unique places to visit and experience Palau is definitely a unique place. A small island in the Pacific Ocean that offers a rich history and culture in addition to unique experiences with wildlife such as Jellyfish Lake and swimming with dolphins. Take advantage of the great opportunities Palau offers. Be sure that all your passport is up to date, or go ahead and apply for an expedited passport renewal if needed.

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