Visit The Unique Icelandic Festival – Beer Day


There are many festivals throughout the world, some are very ordinary and others can be quite strange, such as the naked man festival in Japan. However, one festival that is very unique and has garnered many fans is the Beer Festival of Iceland.  So go ahead and grab your passport and make sure to add passport pages if you have less than three left and get ready for the Beer Day festival in Iceland.


Passports are necessary travel documents when it comes to international travel. They allow an individual to travel to a foreign country as well as re-enter their country of origin. Depending on the amount of travel, passport pages might be limited. If this is the case it is important to add passport pages to your passport before expected travel.


Although named Iceland, Iceland is actually a very green country. It is a country that features immense contrasts, yet is peaceful and tranquil at the same time. It is called the place where Europe and America meet. It is a country that features a vast expansive landscape that has been untouched by civilization and has been formed by the elements and continues to be formed. Iceland is truly unique country for our time.

Origin Of The Beer Festival

There was a ban in 1915 pronounced in Iceland that prohibited any sort of alcohol about a 2.2%. Originally this was for all beverages that contained alcohol, however in 1934 Spanish wine was allowed. Spain refused to accept any imported Icelandic fish unless their wines were able to be imported into Iceland. This allowed for the acceptance of wine. This lead to the lift of the ban of alcoholic beverages except for beer. This meant that beer was still outlawed, yet wine, vodka and the like were allowed. Finally in 1988 the ban on beer was overturned due to the increase in international travel. Thus March 1st 1989 became the first Beer Day.


Although there are few breweries in Iceland, the Icelanders truly love their beer. So in honor of the end of prohibition, March 1st has officially become Beer Day. The country celebrates by keeping pubs open late and instituting pub crawls, which is a form of bar-hopping. Pubs offer discounted beer and even free beer and celebrate the end to a ridiculous law. Icelandic beers are known for their distinct taste and are made with only the purest of Icelandic water.

If the Beer Festival of Iceland sounds awesome to you make sure your passport is in order. Traveling to Iceland will require a passport, and if you intend to do more traveling in Europe you will need to make sure that you have enough passport pages. No need to brush up on you Icelandic as most of the country speaks English, but definitely brush up what required for international travel to Iceland, including passport and visa requirements. Take advantage of the unique geography of Iceland as well as its culture and you are sure to have a fantastic trip.

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