Visiting Antarctica


When most people start planning their vacations they think about nice, warm, sunny places with lavish beaches and cocktails, with plenty of amenities. However, there are other amazing options out there when it comes to exploring the world. A trip to Antarctica is one of these options. With the only steady population being about 1,100 scientists year round, you will be among a minority of humans throughout the world who steps on the elusive landmass.  To embark on a journey to Antarctica make sure your passport is in order and be sure to check dates as you may need a passport renewal.


Passports are necessary documents that allow for international travel. They allow an individual to visit a foreign country and then re-enter their country of origin. All citizens must have a passport, including infants and children. They used to be somewhat difficult to attain, but now due to technology and the internet, some passports can even arrive overnight depending on circumstances.


Many people are unaware of the vast activities that Antarctica has. Although primarily used for research, they have recently opened the continent up for tourism. There is a heavy emphasis placed on conservation when visiting Antarctica, as the vast white landmass has been virtually untouched.


There are numerous activities that one can enjoy when visiting Antarctica. Along with the beautiful pure scenery and animal life there is camping, sea kayaking, cross country skiing, ice climbing, and photography, just to name a few.


There are numerous sites to visit when planning a trip to Antarctica. There is the Antarctic Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife and penguins. You can cross the Antarctic Circle; very few travelers have been that far south.  There is the South Georgia/Antarctica/Falklands, a beautiful awe-inspiring landscape that has more wildlife than anywhere else on the planet. The Ross Sea Region also known as the “Gateway to Antarctica” is which is where explorers of the Heroic Era gained access to the continent.

Other Sites

Other sites include the Sub-Antarctic New Zealand Islands. These islands are the forgotten islands of the South Pacific. They are known as the Galapagos’ of Antarctica. They are truly some of the last untouched landmasses on Earth and feature a vast variety of plants, seabirds, and marine mammals, that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.


There are options when it comes to visiting Antarctica; there are ships that can take you there and to various other arctic destinations. There are also plane rides that will skip the drake passages all together and take you right to the peninsula. This actually saves travel time by about two days.  There are very few tour companies that venture to Antarctica, but those that do promise a life-changing experience and care for not only the traveler, but the conservation of the land that is Antarctica.

A journey to Antarctica is the opportunity of a lifetime. To tread on virtually untouched land and witness the beauty of pure wilderness is inspiring. So, be sure that your passport is in order and if needed your passport renewal has been applied for and your journey of a lifetime can begin.


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