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portobello market

If you are considering an international vacation sometime in the near future you will need to have a valid United States passport in your possession. If you do not yet have a passport or need to get a passport renewal, you can go online and download a passport application. Once you have your passport you can decide where you want to travel to. A very popular tourist destination for travelers around the world is London, England. London is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world and would make a fantastic international travel destination.

Portobello Road Market

London is widely regarded as one of the best places for shopping in the world. If you are going to be in London you should definitely check out the famous Portobello Road Market. Travelers love strolling through this bustling area looking for interesting items to take back home. The weekends are the best time to visit this market, as it is when all of the street vendors come out. Be prepared for large crowds, however, as this is an incredibly popular activity to take part in when in London.

Westminster Abbey

Another fantastic attraction to experience while in London, England is Westminster Abbey. The Westminster Abbey is a famous medieval church that has been one of London’s most popular tourist attractions for years. Many royal weddings and coronations have taken place in this famous church. If you are intrigued by the royal culture in London you will greatly enjoy the tours that are offered in Westminster Abbey. The only downside to seeing this attraction, tourists have said, is that the admission price is a little bit steep. Also, it is important to remember that photos are not allowed to be taken in Westminster Abbey.

Tours Of The Palace

In addition to Westminster Abbey, tourists should consider checking out Buckingham Palace before they leave London. This famous building is where the Queen lives. People are allowed to go on tours through the palace that are very similar to the tours offered here at home by the White House. If you do not wish to take the tour, which lasts about two hours, you can still witness the famous changing of the guard. This event takes place daily at 11:30 in the morning. Going to see Buckingham Palace is one of the most interesting things that you can experience in London, England.

Again, if you are considering a vacation overseas, you should absolutely think about visiting London, England. London is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in the entire world. There are many wonderful tourist attractions and destinations to see when in London. If you need to get a passport or passport renewal before heading overseas to London, go online and download a passport application form. You will not be allowed to travel internationally without first showing a valid United States passport.

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